Join us this Sunday,
May 26, 2019


First Day School: 10:00 am
Meeting for Worship:  10:00 am
Fellowship: 11:00 am
Everyone is always welcome.


Something is happening around me: the dark is less dark, the silence is less deep. Even the air is changing. It is damper, sweeter. Morning is at hand. Light will soon come flowing over the edge of the world, bringing with it the day. What a gift! Whether wrapped in streamers of color or folded in tissues of mist, it will be mine to use in ways that I can foresee and in those that are unexpected. The day will make its own revelation, bring its own challenge; my part will be to respond with joy and gladness.
Elizabeth Yates - 1976
Faith and Practice, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting - 2017, Extracts on Faith Reflected in Practice and Daily Life


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