Amy Brier read from the 2018 Faith and Practice from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting:

Grounding for Transformed Lives: Peace and Alternatives to Violence

  • How do we help each other face conflicts with patience, forbearance and openness to healing?

  • To what extent does our meeting ignore differences in order to avoid possible conflicts?

  • What are we doing as a Friends meeting within our communities:

  • 1) To recognize and correct the causes of violence?

  • 2) To understand the impact of the global military-industrial complex on all aspects of life?

  • 3) To increase the understanding and use of alternatives to violence?

  • 4) To work toward overcoming separations and restoring wholeness?

  • 5) To support the constructive use of authority?

  • 6) To promote the sustainability of the earth?

  • Do I “live in the virtue [power] of that Life and Spirit that took [takes] away the occasion of all wars”?

  • How do I maintain Friends’ testimony that participation in war and its preparation is inconsistent with the teaching of Jesus?

  • Do I treat personal conflict as an opportunity for growth?

  • How do I face my differences with others and reaffirm in action and attitude my love for those with whom I am in conflict?