Graham Dawson read Deepening Our Faith: Spiritual Nurture from the 2018 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice


Deepening Our Faith: Spiritual Nurture

  • How does the meeting encourage the use of spiritual practices that deepen our faith, enhance the excitement of shared religious discovery and increase the possibility of spiritual transformation?

  • What is the nature of our shared experience of the Divine and how do we nurture our collective spiritual growth and transformation?

  • In what ways do we support each other in our spiritual journeys, in our search for God’s will and in our efforts to increase understanding of humanity’s relationship to life on earth?

  • How do we recognize, develop and nurture the spiritual gifts of all in our meeting?

  • How do I incorporate into my personal and family life those daily practices that focus on continued spiritual growth, including worship, reflection and engagement with writings that nurture the soul?

  • How does my spiritual life integrate an understanding of a well-ordered relationship with the earth and deepen my reverence for the interconnectedness of all life?