It takes work to keep our Meeting beautiful, alive, and growing.

We can always use a helping hand. Everyone has something to offer! Consider what you could add to our Meeting. As of July 1, 2018 our Meeting is organized as below. Feel free to talk to any of these people about what you could add, where you could help. 


Clerk of the Meeting    
Marc Brier                           

Assistant Clerk/Recording Clerk  

Care of the Meeting
Susan Becker, Amy Dawson*, Jean Kadyk

Amy Dawson, Patricia Henry*, Kert Kadyk, Becky Kennedy-Lange, Janet Pennell

Graham Dawson

Building and Grounds
Maria Damato, Graham Dawson*, Kert Kadyk

Meeting Recorder
Sally Burgess

Spiritual Life of the Meeting
Amy Brier, Debbie Frank, Patricia Henry*, Becky Kennedy-Lange, Ella Kennedy-Lange, Janet Pennell 

First Day School Teacher
Maria Damato 

Care of the Burial Ground  
Marc Brier*, Tom Hoopes 

Representative to Haverford Quarter  
Nancy Gibbs 

Representatives to Mainline Ministerium    
Amy Dawson, Jean Kadyk* 

Website and Social Media  
Graham Dawson 

Representative to Friends Committee on National Legislation    
Marc Brier 

* indicates committee clerk

Last Updated:  September 13, 2018