Join us this Sunday,
April 21, 2019


First Day School: 10:00 am
Meeting for Worship:  10:00 am
Fellowship: 11:00 am
Forum: Quaker Testimonies 11:15 am
Everyone is always welcome.


A Quaker social concern seems characteristically to arise in a sensitive individual or very small group. … The concern arises as a revelation to an individual that there is a painful discrepancy between existing social conditions and what God wills for society and that this discrepancy is not being adequately dealt with. The next step is the determination of the individual to do something about it—not because he is particularly well fitted to tackle the problem, but simply because no one else seems to be doing it.
Dorothy H. Hutchinson
1961 - Extracts on Faith Reflected in Practice and Daily Life,
Faith and Practice, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 2017


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