Meeting for Worship with Attention to Song at Old Haverford Meeting First Thursdays beginning in November


You're invited to join us for our first Meeting for Worship with Attention to Song, on Thursday, November 1 at 7:30pm. This will take place on the first Thursday of each month, as part of our ongoing mid-week worship. Both listeners and musicians are welcome, of course. Tim Simmons and I will open the time together with a song or two to begin to shape the musical space and set the tone for the evening. Between songs, we will enter into worshipful silence until the next song is shared. Those wishing to play or sing may do so out of the silence, or may talk with us ahead of time about their intention to share. Friends/friends could speak to the meaning of the song, or not.

Songs or pieces of music shared need not be specifically religious in nature; songs that are informed by one's personal experience of Spirit are encouraged. I would be happy to prepare songs in advance for those who may not be musicians but who would like to share something that is meaningful to them.

We envision an ecumenical, welcoming space for creative expressions of worship and ministry with each other. I have been speaking with Rabbi Shelly Barnathan of Or Zarua, and members of her congregation are excited about the possibility of attending. We plan to reach out to other congregations in the future, and encourage you to spread the word, as well.

Thank you!

Please email directly if you have any questions!